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Types of Homes in Gorokan

When you are looking for a new home, there are many different factors to consider. You need to think about your budget, the size of the property, whether or not it has enough land space and is close to amenities that will make your life easier. It can be difficult to narrow down what you want in a home when so many options exist!

This blog post will discuss all of the different types of homes in Gorokan NSW so that you can find out which type might suit you best!


These are houses that are joined to other houses on either side. The best thing about this type of home is that anyone who lives in your area will be around the same age as you, which can make it easier for children to form friendships with their neighbours!

Townhouses usually have a smaller yard than homes because they are attached together, but there are still many people who prefer this type of home because it is more affordable than a detached house.

Semi-detached houses

These are also known as duplexes and they are two houses that are joined together by a wall. This can be great for families who want to live close to each other, but don’t want to be cramped in a small townhouse!

Semi-detached houses usually have bigger yards than townhouses because there is more space for each house, and they often come with garages too. If you are looking for some extra living space, this might be the perfect option for you!

Detached houses

If you want your own piece of land and plenty of privacy, then a detached house is the perfect option for you. This is a house that has its own internal walls, so it doesn’t share any of its space with other homes!

Another benefit to this type of home is that there are no shared amenities or public areas in your yard, which means you get full control over what happens on your land!

The only downside to this kind of housing can be the high price tag associated with buying one. It might take longer than expected to save up for this type of property because they are generally more expensive due to their space and privacy benefits. However if budget isn’t an issue then you should definitely consider looking into purchasing a detached house!

If none of these types suit you, don’t worry! There are many more kinds of homes available in Gorokan NSW, so be sure to explore all of your options!

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Michael Jones

Michael Jones


a year ago

Very friendly staff

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Joshua Kirkman


2 weeks ago

Currently not taking on new patients, to bad if u have recently moved here and can’t even see a doctor!

Rod Vincent

Rod Vincent


7 months ago

Easy access from outdoor car park (3rd entrance off roundabout).

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Ruth Cunningham

Ruth Cunningham


a year ago

Tight driving in and out of the centre. Always parking available. Wheelchair friendly. Everything in one place which is most convenient. An amazing coffee shop with very friendly and happy staff and great coffee and food. I no anxiety visiting here. I highly recommend this centre.

Craig Moore

Craig Moore


a year ago

Dr Ahmed is the best GP on the coast always makes time to listen and actually cares about his patience. Well worth the wait for this GP 5 Stars

Nicki Florczak

Nicki Florczak


a month ago

This practice has really improved of late.. doctors were always great but reception staff were always extremely rude and obvious to clients needs with only a few exceptions. The practice is now a delight to visit


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